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1924, February 18 – the date of birth (Smolensk).

1928 – Ilyenkovs move to Moscow.

1940 – Evald leaves a secondary school no. 170.

1941 – enters the Moscow Institute of Philosophy and Literature. Then he evacuates to Ashgabat and continues his study at the Moscow State University.

1942, July – MSU moves to Sverdlovsk, where in August Ilyenkov is drafted into the army.

1942‑1943 – training in Frunze artillery school (Sukhoy Log, near Sverdlovsk).

1943, August – Ilyenkov is detached to the Western front as a lieutenant of artillery.

1945 – being a platoon leader commander, he reaches Berlin. After the end of the World War II he continues to serve in occupation forces in Germany.

1945, August – Ilyenkov is detached to Moscow as a contributor of «Red Star» daily newspaper.

1946, February – he returns to the MSU, at philosophy faculty.

1950 – post-graduate at the Chair of History of Foreign Philosophy.

1953 – research fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

1953 – Ilyenkov defends a Ph.D. thesis: «Some problems of the materialistic dialectics in Marx’s Grundrisse» (scientific adviser – Prof. T.I. Oyzerman).

1955, May – expulsion from the MSU.

1965 – Ilyenkov is awarded a Chernyshevsky Prize by the Presidium of Academy of Sciences for his research in dialectics and logic. Over a period of years he works as a non-staff editor for the section on dialectical materialism of the «Philosophical Encyclopaedia».

1968 – defends a Doctoral thesis: «To the question of the nature of thinking. On the materials of analysis of the German classical dialectics».

1979, March 21 – the obit. Ilyenkov commits suicide.